UK manufacturer of low to high volume machined components, supplying to a wide range of industries.

At Sheldon Precision, we specialise in delivering high-quality CNC machined aluminium parts throughout the UK. As a leading CNC aluminium parts manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing precision-engineered components for a wide range of industries.


Our advanced facilities and experienced team ensure we can meet all your aluminium machining needs. Whether you require CNC aluminium parts for aerospace, automotive, or any other industry, we have the expertise to deliver your project needs.


As your trusted aluminium components manufacturer, we understand the importance of precision and quality. Our commitment to your project guarantees that your machined aluminium parts will meet and exceed expectations.


With our cutting-edge CNC technology, we can handle complex jobs with ease. From machining aluminium to producing sophisticated CNC machined aluminium parts, we have the capabilities to meet your requirements.


When you choose us for your aluminium CNC machining needs, you can expect superior results, quick turnaround times, and unmatched customer service. Contact us today to discuss your project and experience working with a true leader in aluminium CNC machining.