UK manufacturer of low to high volume machined components, supplying to a wide range of industries.

At Sheldon Precision, we specialise in high-quality CNC machining services for steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and mild steel. Our advanced CNC steel machines ensure precise, reliable, and efficient production of machined steel components that meet the exact specifications of your projects. With extensive experience in machining steel and a commitment to excellence, we produce premium CNC machined steel parts for various industries, ensuring durability and performance in every piece.


Our profound expertise in steel machining is designed to meet the diverse requirements of our clients. From CNC machining mild, carbon, and alloy steel parts to fabricating intricate steel components, our capabilities span the entire spectrum of mild steel CNC machining. As a prominent manufacturer of mild steel components, we leverage advanced CNC machines for steel to deliver products that adhere to the most stringent quality and precision standards. Entrust us with your steel CNC projects, and we will handle them with the utmost precision and professionalism.


As a dedicated steel components manufacturer, we offer a wide range of services, including plastic machining, showcasing our versatility and commitment to serving your diverse needs. Whether you require CNC-machined mild steel parts or complex steel CNC machining solutions, our team is equipped to deliver outstanding results. Partner with us for your next project and experience the excellence in CNC machining steel and mild steel that sets us apart in the industry.